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Residential Concrete Services

The residential concrete services that Sangrey Concrete produce are magnificent for any size property. There are concrete services that are provided to a residence such as stamped concrete and concrete flatwork that are specifically for creating walkways, pathways, sidewalks, patios, porches, and paving. When it comes to concrete foundation services, there are a few different things we can do such as repairs, installations, replacements, as well as, designs. The concrete foundation services that we create are for carports, driveways, basements, and house or building pads.

First, our team will begin the residential concrete service with a site assessment, where we will come to your property and will be mapping the layout, as well as, the designs. Once that is completed, and we are in agreement, the concrete contractors will start the process for your concrete service that is desired. You can count on us for any upgrades that are needed because of concrete cracks or breaks. Please don’t wait until the last minute to give us a call, begin the concrete services that your residential property needs in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania!

Areas Of Experitse

Concrete Mapping & Designs
Concrete Installations & Upgrades
Concrete Repairs & Replacements
Concrete Foundations & Pathways
Concrete House Pads & Building Pads
Concrete Removal & Disposal

Celebrating A CENTURY Of Concrete Expertise!

Sangrey Concrete is the concrete contractors that have seen it all and done it all when it comes to the concrete services that have been requested for us to assist for. Since 1920, our company has been demonstrating the skills that we’ve learned over the decades and applying them to increase the value of your property, whether residential or commercial. Our company is the first choice when it comes to any concrete service.


Stamped Concrete Services

Stamped concrete services by Sangrey Concrete are a uniquely beautiful addition to your residential or commercial properties! Stamped concrete has different patterns and textures that you can choose from when searching for the perfect materials. Stamped concrete is meant to look like tile, wood, brick, slate, flagstone and stone textures and patterns. When we install, repair or replace stamped concrete here are some ideas of where they should be used for such as the patio, driveway, interior floorings, pool decks, and sidewalks. You can depend on our company to get the stamped concrete services done right the first time!

Sangrey Concrete is the best option when it comes to stamped concrete services, and we will provide astonishing site assessments that will give you a general idea of what to expect. At that time we will be mapping the layout and designing how the stamped concrete should be placed on your property. Then we will ensure the materials are ready, set up the appointment to get started on the construction and installation process of the stamped concrete.

Concrete Flatwork Services

Sangrey Concrete is a fascinating concrete contractor that will exceed your expectations with the concrete flatwork services. For residential or commercial properties, a concrete flatwork service is an excellent option when you want to have a surface that is perfectly flat such as patios, porches, walkways, sidewalks, driveways, foundations or another smooth surface.

Our company will perform a site assessment, mapping, design, construction, and installation for the concrete flatwork services, and this is an essential step in the concrete process. With our team of professionals, we are committed to providing quality, timeliness, and affordable for every customer!

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